About me

If you’re wondering who I am

I’m Milos , a 22 years old self-taught Full Stack developer , from Serbia .

After my high school, I got a job as a web developer, where I stayed 1 year. For whole year I created over 100 simple HTML & CSS websites following given designs, developed up to 15 WordPress websites (few with custom theme and others were purchased). After 1 year I realized that I’m stuck and sinking, that I am not learning anything.

In March 2018, my ex-colleague found me a new job at his firm where I can start going forward and learn some new technologies. I stayed here 1 year and start exploring JavaScript and PHP world. I have learned many things building a mobile web app in PHP and a website with custom backend. Long story short, after that, there were no new projects and I was stuck again.

I decided it was time for change, so I started studying ReactJS in my free time. I fell in love with JavaScript and React. Colleague and I got an idea to build a flight booking engine, so I started progressively learning Angular and built the whole booking system with online payment in Angular 1. As I got better in JavaScript I figure that Angular 1 was a bad idea, so I switched again back to ReactJS and start rebuilding the whole system.

I got a job offer where I could finally start working on myself and I took a chance in April 2019. Currently I am working here and I can’t express how much I learned so far. During this little time, I changed my mindset to become a Full Stack Developer. I started actively working in Laravel, VueJS and NativeScript ( app development ).

In this new company and great colleague support I became very committed, hard working, curious and fast learning developer.

My current stack of languages/technologies is:

HTML5 - CSS3 - JAVASCRIPT - VueJS - ReactJS - NativeScript - Laravel - PHP - WordPress - OctoberCMS


Check what I've been doing lately

The Faculty of Media and Communications

FMK is website for Serbian Faculty that is a part of Singidunum University. It was build for people who wants to explore all the courses of this Faculty, get to know the subjects and professors. It was also build for students who already attend this Faculty.

The website is built from scratch in WordPress, with custom theme and two custom search engines. There is a lot custom PHP and JS code written for their specific requirements.

Custom WordPress theme & Vanila JavaScript


Najletovi is Serbian flight booking engine. I've used Angular for front end and PHP for back end.

This web app uses Kiwi REST API for fetching flights and offers. Booking engine has few date options that you can search for (anytime, exact date, dates interval, days staying). I've added an option for tracking prices and there are 3 cron jobs a day that are checking price change. If there is change, you'll got email offer for your saved trip.

It also has a payment system implemented via Zooz API. So customers can pay online by any credit card.

Angular 1 & JavaScript & PHP

One Click Travel

Octra is an online booking engine where you can easily book train, bus or flight ticket. It supports user login and registration.

The idea is to save all user travels and data so he/she can easily see their booking summary or book next trip with just one click.

Project is still on the go. The backend is managed by Laravel and the ReactJS is running on the front end.

Laravel & ReactJS

Find My Beer App

I wanted to explore NativeScript, so I made little brand and start working on the app. The user can login or proceed as a guest. User will be redirected to home, where he can see listed bears fetched from Punk API. At the top there are bears with highest ABV and under are listed all bears.

It has search page, where user can search for his fav beer. After choosing the beer, the user sees a single beer page, with beer info and like button.

User can save beer in his profile by liking the chosen beer. It will be saved in App Storage and user can see all liked beers in the profile page subpage "Liked beers".

NativeScript & VueJS

Jungo Coming Soon

A simple coming soon page. Build by design, with social icons at the bottom and clickable contact email.


Alphabet Reflex Game

When user starts a game it should set off the counter that will randomly switch numbers between 1-26.

Before starting user will have an option to switch between difficulties. User needs to input the letter that is mapped to the according number. If inputed letter matches the number that its mapped to, letter will change color to green. If inputed letter does not match or nothing is inputed, corresponding letter will turn red. 

Goal of the game is to match all the letters with corresponding numbers. Score in the top right corner should be updated automatically.

Laravel & ReactJS

Contact me

If you want to talk, you can find me at: